Cedar Rapids Audubon Society


Meetings are held the first Monday of months September, October, November, December, February, March, April, May and June. The meetings will be held at 1st Lutheran Church, located at the corner of 10St and 3rd Ave SE, Cedar Rapids. Board meeting at 6:30PM with social time starting at 7:00 PM with the meeting and program starting at 7:30PM.

I will add more details to the meetings as I collect them.

Everyone is welcome to attend whether a member or not. The hope is that you will have an enjoyable evening and come back.




Sept 10

This is our potluck night. Bring a dish to share and your table service. Share your summer events with the rest of the group.


October 1


“Chasing the Bird Dream” – a program presented by Jon Stravers to the Cedar Rapids Audubon Chapter.

The beauty of birds can inspire us, delight us, and ignite our dreams.  After 40 years of working in the bird conservation world on a variety of monitoring, inventorying and research projects, Jon Stravers brings a unique perspective on how birds can unite us, teach us, and bring out the spiritual aspects of our own existence.

The program Jon will present for the Cedar Rapids Audubon will incorporate information that involved tracking Red-shouldered Hawks year after year through the swampy forests in the Driftless Region, and monitoring autumn raptor migration at various points along the Upper Mississippi River and along prominent raptor migration flyways in the inter-mountain regions of the Western United States.  

During the last twelve years, the singing trill of the Cerulean Warbler has been at the forefront of Jon’s work.  Jon has located some surprising concentrations of Ceruleans in the Sny Magill Complex along the Mississippi River and in the Paint Creek Unit of Yellow River State Forest in Northeast Iowa.  Ceruleans are considered to be rare and declining, but in this region Jon has also documented a high rate of re-occupation of the known territories. This local concentration was an important element when the National Audubon Society and Birdlife International designated the Bird Conservation Area in Northeast as being “globally significant.”

During this work, Jon has attempted to decipher some of the secrets of the Cerulean trill by measuring the length of the trill, the pitch and intensity of the trill, and especially the space between the trills. He is testing theories that the Cerulean song has subtle clues that reveal specific and changing messages during the courtship period, the incubation period, post incubation and hatching period, and again through the fledging period.

More specifically, Jon feels that chasing these bird dreams is a sacred journey and that the search for the birds we love can bring us in touch with an inner spirit that connects us over and over again to the source of life.


December 3

Gary Hamer plans to show two 10-12 minutes slide shows.  Since he considers himself as much as an explorer of the outdoors as a photographer, his slide shows will reflect some of the special moments on the trail.

The first, called Iowa – A Walk Through the Seasons III, takes us through the seasons in East-Central and Northeast Iowa.

The second, will cover the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in Northern Minnesota.  This year marked his 40th canoe trip to the Boundary Waters.   The show will take the group along as he explores the trails and waterways Up North.



February 4

Erin Jordan, an investigative reporter for The Gazette, is doing a year-long fellowship at Marquette University in Milwaukee that focuses on water quality. The O’Brien Fellowship in Public Service Journalism allows Jordan to work with three Marquette students to report on progress – or lack of progress – on reducing harmful nutrients flowing from agricultural fields and industry to the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico.


March 4

The Rock Island Preserve -- A Hidden Gem.  Frank Olsen has visited this Linn County site well over a hundred times over the years, and will share some images of and thoughts about this 20-acre site.  


April 1

Jon Stravers, director of Driftless Area Bird Conservation, will present a three part program for Cedar Rapids Audubon on April 1. The program will include information on 40 years of working on Red-shouldered Hawks in Northeast Iowa and how this has tied in to current work on Cerulean Warblers in the same region.  He will also give us an update on autumn raptor migration work that was sponsored by the Raptor Resource Project in 2018.  And just for some exotic entertainment, Jon will also show a few slides from work in South Florida during the winter months where he served as field assistant on Red-shouldered Hawk monitoring project.