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Regal Fritillary for State Butterfly

Hello Plant. Grow. Fly. Partners


Good news, Megan Jones and Beth Wessel-Kroeschell of the Iowa House of Representatives agreed to co-sponsor a resolution to the Iowa Legislature to have the Regal Fritillary named as the official state butterfly of Iowa.  The resolution has been written and submitted to the Iowa Legislature.  The resolution can be found on the Iowa Legislature page at this address:  http://coolice.legis.iowa.gov/Cool-ICE/default.asp?Category=billinfo&Service=Billbook&menu=false&hbill=hjr2 .


It is time now to start gaining public support for the resolution and convince them to contact their local state legislators to support the resolution when it comes up for a vote.  To help with this process a call to action poster has been created and can be found here: https://iastate.box.com/s/y1lbd1b4vhf6a7zf07j6pzcenv7x6klx

This poster has been designed so you can put your name or organization as the contact so if the reader has questions or would like more information they can contact you.  To help with questions you might receive I have created a “frequently asked questions”/”talking points” document you can utilize when answering questions about the Regal Fritillary or the resolution: https://iastate.box.com/s/sg22l43zmuqi8xy548hah6plmaogv7c0.  I will update this document, so if you receive a question you don’t have an answer to, please send it to me and I will craft a response and add it to this document.


The resolution to name Regal Fritillary as the official state butterfly will be a fun piece to share on your organizations social media and newsletters.  It should also be a nice piece for you use to gain the attention of your local news outlets (print, radio and tv) as a public interest story.  With all of those outlets, try to use the opportunity to draw awareness to the concern for native butterfly/insect/pollinator conservation, then as an action item encourage them to participate in Plant. Grow. Fly. and remember to mention the PGF website www.PlantGrowFly.com


If you work with educators, a printable lifecycle poster for the Regal Fritillary has also been created to be printed or it can be displayed on digital media screens as part of a lesson.  The life cycle poster can be found at this link:  http://www.reimangardens.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Regal-Fritillary-butterfly-life-cycle-poster.pdf


If you have any questions about the resolution please let me know.


Thank you,



Nathan Brockman


Butterfly Wing Curator

Reiman Gardens

Iowa State University

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