This website is to provide information about the Cedar Rapids Audubon Society. I have included a meetings page which lists the meeting dates and what the program for that date is. I have also included an information links page which lists other websites which have similar interests which I hope will be useful.

The Cedar Rapids Audubon Society (CRAS) is a chapter of the National Audubon Society. When you join the National Society, you become a member of the Cedar Rapids chapter. Your membership includes a subscription to the Audubon magazine and also you will be added to the local email list to receive updates and meeting reminders. You will also receive information of national, regional, state and local conservation issues and events.

The Cedar Rapids chapter evolved from the former Audubon Naturalist Society of Cedar Rapids, which in turn had it’s origins in the combination of two groups, the Cedar Rapids Bird Club, dating from 1929 and the Natural Science Club. CRAS also cooperates with the local Conservation Board and other conservation minded groups. Your membership connects you with people dealing with environmental issues and concerns from the local level to national and world-wide problems.

For information contact Jim Durbin at [email protected]